NHS - A Story Told Through Hands


A commercial for NHS CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service). They were addressing a situation whereby when children struggled with their mental health but CAMHS units didn't have immediate capacity to accommodate them, families sometimes had to wait up to 18 months for a space to become available. When that day came, admittance could be quite sudden and stressful, not only for the families but also for the nurses who had not had a chance to meet the child who got admitted.

The parents wouldn't know where their child would be sleeping, what they would be eating, what their daily routine would be like, what numbers to call in and out of hours. The nurses wouldn't know the specific likes and dislikes of the child, what may trigger them, what soothed them, etc. Thanks to an initiative developed by parents and nurses, a booklet was created that would be filled in by both parties on admission to hold all that crucial information.

A Story Told Through Hands

Production Company: National Film & Television School @NFTS
Director: Jane Davis
Cast: Christine Mills, Lola May, Sophia Davis, Asya Davis
Producer: Sophie Outhwaite
DoP: Helena Gonzalez
1st AC: Josh Baylis
2nd AC: Gemma Mancinelli
Production Designer: Edoardo Parada
Costumes: Ursula Toon
HMUA: Pooja Pande
Gaffer: Santiago Toranzo Gento
Spark: Max Ewers
Sound Recordist: Will Rowe
1st AD: Fleur Capocci
2nd AD: Max Critchlow
Runner: Anna Watson
Casting: Jane Frisby
Editor: Mariana Moraes
Colourist: Karolina Matela
Composer: Marcin Mazurek
Sound Designer: Liam Sharpe
Driver: Michael Capocci