Spirits Screenshot - Earth

KENZO - Spirits of Nature - EARTH


Coming up soon... (the film is currently being graded and will be uploaded shortly)

A triptych of spec ads for KENZO - Spirits of Nature. The Spirit of Earth is drawn out of her element by an enigmatic, irresistible scent. In search of it she transforms into a beautiful woman...

This was my very first attempt at directing. Being a long-term fan of KENZO perfumes I decided to make a spec ad for my beloved brand and... ended up making three :)

Budget: £500

Spirits of Nature - EARTH

Production Company: Uplift Pictures
Director: Jane Davis
Cast: Denise Asaro
Producer: Husni Hafid

DoP: Keidrych Wasley
1st AC: James Willmott
2nd AC/DIT: Jacob Sweep
Costume Designer & Maker: Dani Dioguardi
HMUA: Tamara Gitter, Lauren Kay
PM: Carina Jenkins
Casting: Jane Davis
Editor: Dylan Stephens
Colourist: Keidrych Wasley
Composer: Oleta Haffner
Sound Mixing/Mastering: John Elleson-Hartley